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AICC has automated e-mail lists available for its members and invited guests. With these mailing lists you can keep abreast of AICC activities, announcements, and discuss issues with AICC members. Please note that advertisting (a.ka. SPAM) on all AICC mailing lists is prohibited.

Subscribing to an AICC Mailing List

AICC uses a free mailing list service provided by In order to subscribe to any of the unrestricted mailing lists (listed below) do the following:

  1. send a blank email message addressed as follows: list (substituting "list name" for the actual name of the list (i.e.,
  2. You will receive an e-mail message from Topic to confirm your e-mail address.
  3. IMPORTANT - You must confirm by doing either of the following:
    • Option #1 - Reply to the email. Do this if you just want to receive email messages and do not need to review previous messages on the lists.
    • Option #2 - Click on the web-link listed in the e-mail message. If you do this, you'll be asked to create a Topica web account. Note that you are NOT required to do this to subscribe, BUT if you wish to be able to review list archives, you'll want to use this option. If you should choose Option #1, you can always add this option at a later time.

Subscription to restricted AICC mailing lists will be by formal invitation only. Restricted AICC mailing lists are also managed by Topica..

All subscription requests are subject to AICC review and approval. (This is to prevent unwanted solictation). Your request will be reviewed and (if approved) you will recieve an e-mailed invitation to subscribe.

Current AICC Mailing Lists

The currently available AICC mailing lists are as follows:

Mailing List Description
aicc-admin This mailing list is used to distribute AICC news, special announcements, and meeting notices. To subscribe, to this list send an e-mail to
aicc-cmi This list for discussing issues relating to the AICC's current CMI specifications (for content and LMS systems) as well as interoperability issues relating to those specifications. To subscribe, to this list send an e-mail to
aicc-members This list is restricted to AICC voting members only. It is used for voting and related discussions between voting AICC members.
aicc-isd The people on this list discuss best practices and other "qualitative" CBT/WBT instructional design topics. To subscribe, to this list send an e-mail to
aicc-os This is list is used for discussions involving the AICC's windows and operating systems (OS) guidelines. To subscribe, to this list send an e-mail to
aicc-sim This is list is used for discussions and projects involving the development simulation (and Smart Graphics) interoperability guidelines. To subscribe, to this list send an e-mail to
aicc-testsuite This is list is restricted to licensed, AICC/CMI Test Suite users only. It is used to inform Test Suite users of software updates, error reports, and changes in the certification testing process.


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