AICC Press Release #41

Sugar City, Idaho USA

Announces New Specification to Revolutionize Offline CMI and Future Communication Architectures

SkillSoft™ and EEDO spearhead development that responds to the need for advanced and mobile learning 

Sugar City, Idaho USA – The announced today that it has released a specification that enables learning management system (LMS) vendors to easily integrate with local (offline) LMS players, resulting in a more flexible learning environment for mobile learners. It also allows elearning vendors to use the format for other communication methods. The specification is available as a royalty-free AICC publication from the web site.

Referred to as XML for CMI Communications (CMI-013), the new specification allows the person taking the course to download online course materials and review the online course completely disconnected from the Internet while being tracked by a local version of an LMS.  Similar solutions exist but are proprietary. CMI-013 will allow LMSs to integrate with third-party offline players in a standard way - greatly expanding interoperability. Offline CMI will be an open, data model agnostic, architecture that will work with the AICC/CMI data model, SCORM/IEEE data model, and others as they become available. 

"The power and flexibility of this specification is demonstrated by the breadth of the vendor approaches to using it. For example, SkillSoft expects benefits from using it for on demand communications while EEDO anticipates customers will receive value from the automatic transfer of data from the offline player to the LMS," stated William A McDonald, Chair of the AICC/CMI Subcommittee and Learning Technology Architect for Alteon (Boeing's training company).

The new specification is the result of efforts by a work group that includes Alteon Participants, EEDO Knowledgeware and SkillSoft. Working together through the AICC CMI Subcommittee, the group created a specification that allows the widely-used AICC/CMI runtime data model to be formatted in XML for various forms of transport. The XML-based specification will serve as a major building block for the AICC's two major LMS related initiatives, Offline CMI and Simple Deployment Architecture (SDA). 

"This new specification meets the evolving needs of today’s mobile employees who want instant access to knowledge, wherever they may be," said Kevin Schlipper, Senior Programmer at EEDO Knowledgeware. "Helping to build this specification was a natural step for EEDO. As a developer of learning and knowledge systems, we understand how people learn and how to leverage technology to support that learning."

"The AICC specification, along with OLSA (Open Learning Services Architecture) and its on-demand communications allow LMS and Content Systems vendors such as SkillSoft to integrate in new ways that will allow access to richer content and content-related services in a maintenance-free and flexible manner," commented Shota Aki, Software Architect at SkillSoft.

SkillSoft, a long time user of the AICC/CMI data model, plans to use CMI-013 for its on-demand communication initiative, which is a key component of the next release of the Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA). SkillSoft’s on-demand communication will be used as the primary mechanism for providing near real-time tracking of data records between OLSA and its integrated LMS-clients.

The AICC is an international association of technology-based training professionals. While its mission is to create open standards for computer-based training in the aviation industry, AICC specifications are designed to be applicable to learning technologies used in multiple industries.  AICC pioneered the first runtime data model for LMS

 About the AICC:

The AICC's mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines, and practices that result in the effective implementation of technology-based training. The AICC has long been an advocate of interoperable learning technology.

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