AICC Publications

There are two primary types of AICC publications available to the public:  

AICC Guidelines and Recommendations (AGRs)

AGRs represent the official voice of the AICC with respect to a designated area.  All AGRs have been formally voted upon and approved by the general voting membership of the AICC. AGRs are identified by the prefix "AGR" followed by a number (e.g., AGR001).

Technical Reports and White Papers

Technical reports and white papers - technical reports and white papers typically contain the technical detail underlying an AGR. Technical reports also represent the official word of the AICC in that they have undergone the same formal approval process as an AGR. Technical documents are identified with a prefix which designates the subcommittee from which they originate as follows:

CMI - Computer-Managed Instruction

COM - Communications

CRS - Courseware Technology

EXC - Executive Committee

ITL - Independent Test Lab

MPD - Media and Peripheral Devices

PLT - Platform

WOS - Window & Operating Systems


List of Current AGRs

AGR002 - Courseware Delivery Stations: Hardware
AGR003 - Digital Audio
AGR004 - Courseware Delivery Stations: Software
AGR005 - CBT Peripheral Devices
AGR006 - Computer Managed Instruction
AGR007 - Courseware Interchange
AGR008 - Digital Video
AGR009 - Icon Guidelines
AGR010 - Web-based Computer Managed Instruction (CMI)
AGR011 - CBT Packet Exchange Notification (English) (French)
AGR012 - Training Development Checklist


List of Current Technical Reports and White Papers

CMI001 - AICC/CMI Guidelines For Interoperability
CMI003 - AICC/CMI Certification Testing Procedures
CMI008 - AICC/Web-Based CMI Certification Testing Procedures
CMI010 - Package Exchange Notification Services
CMI012 - AICC Packaging Specification
CMI013 - XML for CMI Communication
CRS002 - Glossary of Terms Related to Computer Based Training (CBT)
CRS003 - Hierarchy of CBT terms for AICC Publications
CRS004 - Guidelines for CBT Courseware Interchange
CRS005 - Bitmap Graphic File Format
DELS002 - Aviation Industry Metadata Description
MP001 - Reusability Analysis of Reusable Objects
MPD005 - Part Task Trainer Interfacing