What is CMI-5 ? 

CMI-5 is the next generation eLearning interoperability specification being developed to replace existing AICC & SCORM specifications.  

It will enable lots of exciting possiblities for next generation elearning interoperable design !

[See this link for an Overview of CMI-5] 

The AICC is very interested in hearing what you think about CMI-5 ! 


CMI-5 Status

To keep up on the latest CMI-5 developments and events, please see the following:

CMI-5 Specification

CMI-5 Working Drafts


Want to Particpate in CMI-5 ?

Are you a content publisher, content tools vendor, LMS vendor, LMS consumer, or content consumer ?  (i.e. Are you an eLearning "stakeholder" ?)  Then consider joining the CMI-5 working group and make a real difference in the eLearning industry !

AICC Membership is not required to participate (however, AICC membership is required for voting privileges).