AICC Press Release #45

AICC Announces New Small Company Membership Level

Federal Way, WA - The Airline Industry CBT Committee announces a new membership level designed to encourage small companies and individuals to join the Committee.  The new small company membership level applies to companies with 50 or fewer employees and costs $500 per year.  This membership level provides all the rights and privileges as the corporate and airline company memberships including participating in standards and best practices development subcommittees, voting on Committee business, and holding executive office.

The new membership level was created in response to changes in the eLearning marketplace, with small companies becoming much more prominent in new courseware and LMS development.  According to AICC Executive Committee member and CEO of Hybrid Learning Systems Kris Rockwell, “With the old membership levels in place, it was really difficult for smaller companies to afford to get involved with the AICC; it was prohibitively expensive.  It’s pretty easy for a big company to absorb a $2,500 membership fee, but for a small company, it becomes a choice between membership or a new developer’s workstation.  This new membership level enables smaller groups to participate at a much more affordable cost.”  AICC Chairman Herbert Schwarz added, “The ideas and experiences small companies bring to the table are just as relevant and important as those from the big companies.  In many cases, these smaller companies were started by folks that got involved with AICC when they worked for a large firm but when they moved on to a smaller company, they could no longer afford to participate.  This new membership level changes all of that and will allow smaller companies and individuals to help develop the next generation of eLearning standards and best practices.”

As an added incentive for small companies to get involved, new members will be given up to 6 additional months on their memberships.  For new members that join, their membership year will be calculated as starting.  For more information on the new membership level, visit and follow the “Join the AICC” link.