AICC Press Release #34

Sugar City, Idaho USA

AICC Certifies WBT Systems' TopClass

Certification affirms WBT Systems' longstanding commitment to open standards

Sugar City, Idaho USA – The announced today that WBT System's TopClass Learning Management System (LMS) has been formally certified as compliant with the AICC’s Web-Based Computer Managed Instruction Systems (CMI) Guideline (AGR-010). This guideline allows AICC-conforming web-based learning content and courseware to interoperate with AICC-conforming LMS systems. 

TopClass LMS was originally certified by the AICC. The latest version of the TopClass LMS also complies with the latest proposed specifications of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), the other major standard ensuring that enterprise software is able to effectively and meaningfully interoperate with e-Learning content.

A long-time member of AICC, WBT System’s certification ensures that TopClass LMS supports and delivers all courseware developed to standards by any authoring system. For its more than two million users, TopClass’s AICC certification means that in addition to being designed to AICC guidelines and other open standards, TopClass users will have the added assurance that they can import and manage any compliant content, regardless of the authoring tool that created it.

“We are delighted to re-certify TopClass, and this certification clearly demonstrates WBT Systems' continued commitment to standards,” said William A. McDonald, AICC CMI Subcommittee chair and Learning Technology Architect at Alteon (Boeing’s aviation training company). “WBT was amongst the first european companies to adopt the AICC guidelines and to be certified. Their continued commitment to open standards has been very important to the continued adoption of AICC guidelines.”

"We continue to be commited to industry standards and this is the next phase of our standards strategy," said Duncan Lennox, CTO, WBT Systems. "The TopClass e-Learning Suite already complies with the leading industry standards, including XML, SCORM, and IMS and we believe this is a core technology philosophy that has given us a major competitive advantage in the marketplace, offering customers faster implementation time and earlier return on investment."

About the AICC

The AICC's mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines and standards that result in the effective implementation of CBT and WBT. The AICC has long been an advocate of interoperable learning technology.

About WBT Systems

WBT Systems is one of the leading providers of Enterprise e-Learning Solutions in the world. WBT Systems' TopClass e-Learning Suite™ enables the rapid creation, deployment, and management of knowledge delivery across the enterprise. It is a robust, easily deployed, web-based Learning platform with over two million users worldwide. Our implementation experience spans a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, government, and pharmaceuticals, across blue chip companies such as Alexander Forbes, Allergan, Basler Insurance, Belgacom, Credit Suisse, Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, Diageo, Dow Chemical, Eurocontrol, Liberty Group, University of Chicago Hospitals, U.S. Department of Defense and Volvo CE.

WBT Systems is the leading European owned e-Learning platform vendor in the world. With headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, WBT Systems has offices in North America based in Waltham, MA and in the UK (London) and Germany (Düsseldorf).