AICC Press Release #32

Sugar City, Idaho USA

AICC Certifies Learnet

Getronics' Learnet achieves AICC Certification

Sugar City, Idaho USA – – The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee announced this week the certification of Getronics Learnet 1.2 as compliant with the AICC’s web-based Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) guidelines (AGR-010). Learnet is the first Italian LMS (Learning Management System) vendor to receive AICC certification.

The ease in which Learnet passed through the certification process speaks to the high level of comittment shown by Getronics AICC project team as a whole. Learnet has clearly demonstrated its ability to enable its customers (private companies and public institutions) to deliver a full training experience oriented towards effective human resources skills management.

Gentronics considers the adoption of the AICC CMI interoperability guidelines as a natural evolution of Learnet in response to market requests for smarter investments in time and intellectual capital training strategies. As Learnet matures, Getronics plans to further improve its feature set based on lessons learned from the ongoing efforts of the AICC and other international learning technology standards committees.

About AICC

The AICC's mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines and standards that result in the cost-effective implementation of CBT and WBT. The AICC has long been an advocate of interoperable learning technology.

About Getronics

Getronics is a networked global company, organised to give clients the benefits of a strong local presence with worldwide consistency. Getronics invested in the development of a compact corporate marketing team, the Global Business Development unit. Located at its Amsterdam headquarters, this unit defines the global offering, programmes, and provides support for the development of international business.

Getronics is both a global and local company. Individual country operations have profound knowledge of their local business conditions. Getronics is always close to the client, geographically and culturally, all around the world. The company has 28,500 specialists in over 30 countries worldwide.

Local country subsidiaries have full responsibility for both their resources and for their clients. Their ability to deliver locally is the foundation on which Gentronics create international business opportunities.

Getronics clients are predominantly large enterprises and government institutions. Many clients work with Getronics internationally. Others operate mostly in a single country. In some countries, Gentronics also works with mid-size enterprises and local government institutions.

Getronics’ business structure puts the client at the heart of everything. They follow the full cycle of ICT development and application, from initial idea, through implementation to long-term management. Gentronics presents itself to clients as a single, reliable, professional partner for the complete ICT life-cycle.

Getronics core competencies are as follows:

  • Business Solutions: Design and deliver the solutions that clients need to stay ahead in a changing global marketplace.

  • ICT infrastructure Solutions: Design, build and manage world class ICT infrastructure that gives competitive advantage and builds on current investments.

From these two key areas of competence, Getronics has developed four global programmes. These form a useful framework for presenting a business focus consistently around the world.

NetWorkPlace is a common framework for the cost-effective evolution and management of enterprise ICT infrastructure on any scale, national or global.

CustomerPlace is a customer interaction management programme designed to help clients use ICT to improve the business processes through which they interact with their customers.

KnowledgePlace is a knowledge and process management programme through which Getronics' skills and experience in knowledge management and workflow is used to help clients streamline processes and use information most effectively.

TelcoPlace provides the focus for Getronics' consulting, solution and infrastructure capabilities applied specifically to the needs of telecom companies and service providers.