AICC Press Release #22

Sugar City, Idaho USA

AICC Grants First Re-certification to Pathlore Learning Management System

A long-time member of AICC, Pathlore is first LMS provider to be simultaneously certified compliant for both the AICC Web-based and file-based Guidelines

SUGAR CITY, Idaho — — announced today that Pathlore Learning Management System is the first LMS to be simultaneously certified and compliant with both the AICC AGR-010 (Web-based CMI Systems) and with AGR-006 (File-based CMI Systems) guidelines. In addition, with Pathlore’s AGR-006 re-certification, Pathlore is the first company to seek and achieve a renewed compliant certification from the AICC Independent Test Lab.

"Pathlore continues to lead the industry by establishing new firsts with its AICC certification and compliance," said William A. McDonald, AICC Independent Test Lab Chair. "Support for standards is key to Pathlore and the industry so that customers are able to spend significantly less time installing and integrating diverse content, and more time focused on meeting their particular e-Learning initiatives."

For its more than 2,500 corporate customers, Pathlore’s dual AICC certifications mean that in addition to being designed to meet AICC guidelines and other open standards, Pathlore users will have the added assurance that they can import and manage any compliant content, regardless of the authoring tool that created it. AICC compliant capabilities include tracking student progress, scoring, supporting structured curriculums, enforcing course order, integrating pre- and post-testing, requiring mastery and setting time limits.

"In the past trying to deliver courseware was like a needing a separate VCR for each movie you want rent," said Dave Evangelisti, Pathlore vice president of marketing. "Our dual certifications were sought to give our customers the peace of mind that comes with an AICC guideline compliant LMS in order to free them to focus on their business strategies and not worry about the technical aspects of implementing a LMS, and delivering courses."

Support for standards is key to Pathlore LMS and its ability to deliver maximum benefit to its customers.

About Pathlore LMS

As the digital backbone for corporate learning, Pathlore LMS lets companies plan, deliver and manage e-Learning, including instructor-led, Web-based and live online collaborative events. Pathlore LMS assesses learning performance by student, group and line of business or across the entire extended enterprise. Pathlore LMS also lets companies tightly manage their organizational skills and competencies — employees assess themselves online and then go directly to prescribed online or classroom learning.

About the AICC

The AICC's mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines and standards that result in the effective implementation of CBT and WBT. The AICC has long been an advocate of interoperable learning technology. More information is available at the organization’s Web site at

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