AICC Certified Products

AICC Certification Overview

The AICC certifies training products that comply with AICC Guidelines and Recommendations (AGR's) via its independent test labs. The AICC currently offers certification testing for the following AGR's:

  • AGR-006 - Computer Managed Instruction (File-based)
  • AGR-010 - Web-based Computer Managed Instruction


The types of products that can be certified compliant to AGR-006/AGR-010 are as follows:

  1. Assignable Units - Computer-based pieces of learning content Launchable/trackable from an AICC/CMI system
  2. CBT Courses - A groups of assignable units bundled with an AICC/CMI course structure
  3. CMI Systems - Systems that manage and launch AU’s (Assignable Units) and track student progress. (also called LMS - Learning Management Systems)
  4. CMI Application Service Provider (ASP) - A CMI System installed at a central data center provided by an organization. This organization, the application service provider (ASP), offers CMI system "services" to multiple customer organizations rather than licensing/selling CMI system software.
  5. Courseware Generation / Assessment Systems - Content creation/delivery systems that can either communicate with a CMI system directly as an AU or generate AU’s such that some (or all) of AICC communication data is automatically set or inspected by the system (and not directly by the content designer). Examples of such systems are test bank systems, simulation systems, courseware engines, and courseware generators. (Formerly known as "Interfacing Systems".)
  6. Authoring Systems - Learning content creation/delivery systems that allow content designers to directly control the inspection and setting of all AICC communication data in the design of Assignable Units.


AICC Certification Disclaimer

AICC product certification is NOT an AICC endorsement of that product, proof of that product's quality, or an indication of that product's robustness. All that AICC certification really means is that the tests documented (see the "certification statements" listed below) were ran against the product by a disinterested third party picked by the AICC. It is entirely possible that a product may pass AICC certification tests but not meet your needs. Before purchasing any training product, please take to care to thoroughly review it for defects and verify that your required functionality is present. Even if that product has been AICC-Certified.


AICC Certified Products

The products listed below are certified compliant by the AICC to the AGR's indicated:

Certification Logo

Products Certified Compliant to AGR-006 (File-based CMI Guidelines)

Vendor Product
Product Type Version
-- -- -- --

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Products Certified Compliant to AGR-010 (Web-based CMI Guidelines)

Vendor Product
QuestionMark Perception Courseware Generation/ Assessement System
Version 5.1
Plateau Plateau LMS CMI System
Version 5.8
Airbus AIRBUS LMS CMI System
Version 2.7.1