AICC Press Release #17

Sugar City, Idaho USA

AICC Certifies Pinnacle Learning Manager

LearnFrame's Pinnacle Learning Manager passes AICC Certification

Sugar City, Idaho USA, -- The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee , announced today that LearnFrame's Pinnacle Learning Manager, has been certified as compliant with the AGR-010, the AICC’s Web Based Computer Managed Instruction Systems (CMI) Guideline.

Learnframe, having received the AICC certification, joins a select group of learning management system (LMS) providers and courseware developers who view this standard as one of the significant approaches for the e-Learning industry to establish a common ground for future courseware development. By meeting the AICC standard, Learnframe enables courseware publishers to easily exchange important information with the learning management system allowing it to more easily manage student progress and create reports on pertinent courseware information.

According to Mike Memmott, Sr., Learnframe CEO and Chairman, for the training industry, adopting the AICC standard promotes an accelerated approach to course development.

"Since Learnframe's inception, we have not relied on standards.  With our patent-pending KYSO Technology, to us complying with a standard like AICC is just another connection.  We are pleased to have AICC certify our Pinnacle Learning Management system to their standard because it independently validates what Learnframe has claimed for some time - that our technology allows us to launch, track and score any courseware providers' product or application that exists today or will exist tomorrow."

Learnframe’s open architecture makes the adoption of standards as convenient to system administrators as adding a new course within the Pinnacle Learning Manager. With a minimum number of steps, existing Pinnacle installations can be brought to full AICC compliance. Learnframe’s open architecture assures future standards can be implemented the same way. Achieving compliance without changing the core architecture is a development guideline at Learnframe.

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The AICC's mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines and standards that result in the effective implementation of CBT and WBT. The AICC has long been an advocate of interoperable learning technology. More information is available at the organization’s Web site at

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