AICC Press Release #13

Sugar City, Idaho USA

AICC Certifies TEDS

TEDS passes AICC/CMI certification

Sugar City, Idaho USA – – The announced today that TEDS® has been certified as compliant with its Web Based Computer Managed Instruction Systems (CMI) guidelines. TEDS, a world leader in Learning Management Systems, has long been AICC compliant and is a strong supporter of the AICC.

"We are deeply committed to true interoperability and to the AICC’s formal certification process", stated Joe Ellis, President and CEO of TEDS and its parent company CBM Technologies. "The AICC’s industry standards for Internet-based learning systems enable TEDS to interface with AICC-compliant learning content regardless of vendor. We were among the first Learning Management Systems to become AICC compliant, and our world-wide customers will certainly benefit from our new certification and our continued support of AICC’s widely accepted CMI standards."

TEDS Vice President of Product Research and Development, Lynda Helton commented, "Our goal of insuring that our customers can respond immediately to changing business requirements anywhere in the world is certainly aided by the AICC’s continuing rapid acceptance as an international standard."

"Our customers want solutions and they want them quickly. TEDS is a highly scalable and stable backbone LMS that benefits immensely from the interoperability that AICC compliance and certification provides, especially in our rapidly growing e-commerce customer sector," added

Steve Harris, TEDS Vice President of Product Support Services.

About AICC

The AICC’s mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines and standards that result in the effective implementation of CBT and WBT. The AICC has long been an advocate on interoperable learning technology. More information is available on the organization’s web site at

About TEDS

With more than 3 million users in 87 countries, TEDS is recognized as the global leader in people resource planning and learning management. The TEDS suite of LMS software products provides organizations with the infrastructure, tools, and support to maximize and strategically plan workforce performance. TEDS allows its customers to take control of learning, performance, competencies/certifications and create an enterprise learning community of employees, customers, suppliers and vendors. TEDS customers include Agilent Technologies Healthcare Solutions Group, Applied Materials, BellSouth, Coral Energy, DaimlerChrysler, Eastman Chemical Company, Ericsson, Florida Power & Light, GE Capital, GE Medical Systems, Hewlett Packard, Marriott International, Nissan North America, Nortel Networks, Qwest, Sandia National Laboratories, Steris, T. Rowe Price, Telcordia Technologies, Thiokol and Verizon.

TEDS recently launched the TEDS Global Training Bank™, a web-based software application that can be used by companies to manage e-commerce training via contract or account "credits." The system greatly simplifies external training account management thereby increasing profitability from training sold by one enterprise to another.

TEDS recently extended its global sales and support capabilities via a resale agreement with IBM Mindspan Solutions.

TEDS - A CBM Company is a global company with headquarters in Atkins, Virginia, USA.

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