AICC Press Release #5

San Diego, California USA

AICC Certifies WBT Manager

Integrity Training’s WBT Manager Passes AICC/CMI Certification

The this week certified Integrity Training’s WBT Manager as compliant with AGR 010 (The AICC Guideline for Web Based Computer Managed Instruction Systems). This certification makes WBT Manager the worlds first CMI system to achieve this standard.

By meeting the AICC CMI Web Based specification, WBT Manager can communicate performance data between their CMI system and interactive online content regardless of vendor. Courseware vendors can produce lessons to the AICC standard for communicating with a CMI, these lessons can be tracked and managed by WBT Manager without the courseware provider needing to know the details of how WBT Manager works. WBT Manager will also allow courseware vendors to provide files that can be imported into the system to set up the course structure so that it need not be set up manually. WBT Manager is also capable of exporting courses in this format.

"This is very good news for the Web Based Training development and user Community" said Dave Fallon, Integrity Training Inc’s Co-Founder & CEO " Companies are looking to develop and deploy online content from many vendors without having to purchase a myriad of management systems"

William A. McDonald, Chairman of the AICC Independent Test Lab Committee, said "This marks a major milestone for CMI system interoperability on the web. By being the first to pass Web Based AICC/CMI certification tests with its WBT Manager product, Integrity Training has clearly demonstrated that it is an industry leader"

About the AICC:

The AICC’s mission is to provide and promote information , guidelines and standards that result in the cost effective implementation of CBT and WBT. They have long been an advocate of interoperable learning technology. More information is available at their web site at

About Integrity Training Inc. :

Integrity Training Inc. is a privately owned elearning solutions provider based in Anaheim Hills, California and the U.K. It was the first company to develop innovative CBT/WBT for the Messaging Middleware Industry and has designed & developed many custom web-based training solutions for Companies in a variety of subject matters. In the spring Integrity released WBT Manager to great industry acclaim.