AICC Press Release #3

Toulouse, France

AICC Certifies First Instructional Management Product

Pathware version 3 Passes Interoperability Conformance Tests.

[Toulouse, France] — Toulouse, France;- This week, the AviationIndustry CBT Committee certified Pathware version 3 from Macromedia, Inc. as complying with the AICC's conformance tests for CMI interoperability. This certification makes Pathware the first instructional management product to receive AICC certification. Pathware meets the AICC's computer managed instruction (CMI) guidelines and recommendations for interoperability. By meeting the AICC CMI specification, compliant products can communicate performance data between the CMI system and interactive learning content regardless of vendor. It also enables the exchange of entire courses between different instructional management systems. Macromedia Pathware 3 is a complete computer-managed instruction system for enterprise learning management. Pathware helps instructional designers, content developers, and training managers through every step of the online learning process, from assembling, assigning, and delivering curricula to tracking, storing, and reporting student progress.

Tyde Richards, manager of open standards development in Macromedia's Interactive Learning Division, remarked, "Ten years ago the AICC anticipated the current interest in interoperable learning technology. It is no surprise to see the AICC once again take a leadership role. Macromedia is pleased to be the first vendor to successfully complete this testing regimen. We look forward to the benefits that learners and our industry will experience as more and more vendors transition from building proprietary to interoperable learning products."

Refined over a five-year period, the AICC CMI specification initially focused on LAN-based/CD-ROM learning. In the AICC approved an extension to the specification that supports Web-based learning using industry standard hyper text transfer protocol (http). This specification has since been submitted to the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee where it will be improved and turned into an industry-wide standard approved by an accredited standards body.

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To address the need for a method of determining when and if a product complies with a technical specification the AICC launched a conformance-testing initiative. In the AICC approved conformance-testing software and associated procedures for LAN-based products, which are easlily obtained from the AICC Website:

The US Navy's Undersea Warfare Center at Keyport, Washington, has been selected as the AICC's first independent test lab. Other test lab locations will be authorized by the AICC in the coming months. At this week's AICC meeting in Toulouse, France, AICC representatives demonstrated compliance testing software currently under development for the Web-based CMI certification procedures. A program for AICC Web-Based CMI certification is expected to be available.

William A. McDonald from FlightSafetyBoeing and chairman of the AICC Independent Test Lab Committee commented, "The CMI testing procedures and associated software are simple enough to be used by almost anyone. Vendors have a straightforward way to test products before submitting them to a test lab. Consumers evaluating instructional management products also have an easy, objective way to confidently know if a product complies with the AICC guidelines."

Jack Hyde from FlightSafetyBoeing, chairman of the AICC Computer-Managed Instruction Committee, said, "This is great news for the CMI specification. We can now say that AICC CMI is for real. As companies begin to design interoperable CMI systems, it is important to have the ability to verify that they are truly interoperable. We can now do this, and indeed have done it."

About the AICC:

The AICC's mission is to provide and promote information, guidelines, and standards that result in the cost-effective implementation of CBT for the commercial aviation industry. The AICC is composed of a wide variety of industry representatives from airframe and engine manufacturers, CBT tool developers, CBT content producers, and airlines. New members are always welcome. Meetings are held three times a year. Parties interested in joining the AICC or attending the next meeting should visit the group's web site at

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