AICC Press Release #2

Toulouse, France

AICC Establishes Compliance Program
for Aviation CBT Products

[Toulouse, France] — The Corporation announced today a new program to help airlines and other aviation training organizations make better purchase decisions when procuring computer-based training materials. The new AICC Compliance Program, approved during the group’s semi-annual meetings this week here in Toulouse, will allow CBT publishers to identify products that comply with published AICC standards for minimum levels of CBT functionality and interoperability.

Participation in this new program is based on product compliance with the committee’s Approved Guidelines and Recommendations (AGRs). These guidelines establish aviation industry standards for various aspects of CBT development, delivery and implementation. The AICC has published a number of AGRs, including guidelines on hardware and software CBT delivery platforms, computer-managed instruction (CMI), and courseware interchange.

These guidelines are used by airlines around the world when purchasing aviation CBT products. Now products that comply with these guidelines can carry the AICC logo.

The AICC offers CBT publishers two levels of participation in the Compliance Program:

  • The Designed to AICC Guidelines logo identifies products that the manufacturer (self-regulated) claims comply with one or more AICC AGRs .

  • The AICC Certified logo identifies products that have been independently tested and certified for AICC compliance by the AICC’s Independent Testing and Certification Labs. This level of AICC compliance provides aviation CBT purchasers with the added security of independent certification of compliance.

"Aviation CBT consumers worldwide can look for the AICC logo to help them identify products that comply with specific Approved Guidelines and Recommendations (AGRs)," commented Mark Scansen, the outgoing chairman of the AICC. "By specifying AICC compliance in CBT products and technologies they purchase, airlines and other training organizations can help protect and leverage their investments."

Airlines, training organizations and CBT publishers interested in learning more about the AICC Compliance Program can visit the AICC web site at, or they can contact the AICC directly.

The AICC exists to provide and promote information, guidelines, and standards that result in the cost-effective implementation of CBT for the commercial aviation industry. The AICC is made up of a wide variety of industry representatives from airframe and engine manufacturers, CBT tool developers, CBT content producers, and airlines. Current members include Airbus Industrie, Allen Communications, Asymetrix, Boeing Military & Defense, Bombardier, Braathens, Egypt Air, Federal Aviation Administration, FlightSafetyBoeing, Hitachi, Honeywell, Lockeed-Martin, Macromedia, Malaysia Airlines, Matsushita Avionics, Oracle, Pratt and Whitney, Quantas Airways, Sony, Transport Canada, United Airlines, Vital Learning, VEGA, and Wicat. New members are always welcome. Meetings are held three times a year. Parties interested in joining the AICC or attending the next meeting should visit the group’s web site at or can contact the AICC directly.

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