AICC Press Release #42

Sugar City, Idaho USA

AICC and ADL Announce Plans for Collaboration

AICC and ADL collaborate to promote interoperability across multiple industries.

Sugar City, Idaho, USA and Alexandria, Virginia, USA - The ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) initiative and the AICC () announce their plans to collaborate on several near-term and longer term projects. This collaboration was launched at a joint meeting during the Boeing-hosted AICC conference the week of September 24th.

The purpose of the collaboration is to assist the aerospace and defense learning community by providing guidelines which promote the economic and effective implementation of technology-supported learning, education, and training.

Benefits for the learning community will be achieved by promoting interoperability standards that software vendors can use across multiple industries (not limited to aerospace & defense). Both organizations have committed to collaborating with other organizations involved with various learning communities.

Collaborative activities will be coordinated with LETSI – An international federation promoting Learning Education and Training Systems Interoperability .

The initial collaborative projects of the ADL and AICC will include the following:

  • Content Services Architecture (CSA) - A project to specify web services that facilitate a commerce model for hosted content. CSA will include data & catalog synchronization between publisher and consumer systems.
  • Package Exchange Notification Services (PENS) - PENS is an approved AICC specification (CMI-010) that makes it easier for content systems and learning management system (LMS) products to cooperate on staging, transfer and submission of “LMS-ready” packages. ADL and AICC will collaborate on refining and standardizing this specification for both communities.
  • Data models - A project to update standard run-time data models to fully support both AICC and ADL SCORM IEEE 1484.11.1 data elements used by content and management systems.

Other areas of shared interest include gathering requirements for a content aggregation solution and other projects to be determined later. The CSA project will commence in mid-October and PENS coordinating activities for IEEE submission will start in November.

About the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL)
The ADL Initiative, sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) is a collaborative effort, between government, industry, and academia to establish a new learning distribution environment that permits the interoperability of the learning tools and course content on a global scale. ADL promotes collaboration in the development and adoption of tools, specifications, guidelines, policies, and prototypes that make distributed learning accessible, adaptable, affordable, durable, interoperable and reusable.

About the
The AICC exists to provide and promote information, guidelines, and standards that result in the cost-effective implementation of computer-based training (CBT) for the aviation industry. The AICC is made up of a wide variety of industry representatives from airframe and engine manufacturers, CBT tool developers, CBT content producers, and airlines. Current members include Airbus, Alteon Training, the Boeing Company, Eedo Knowledgeware, Embraer, Federal Aviation Administration, FedEx, Finnair, Honeywell, Northwest Airlines, Plateau Systems, Skillsoft, United Airlines, UPS and many others. New members are always welcome.